A bone in her teeth (cover photo series)

Another Flying Fish cover, to follow on my last post. I love this one; it’s probably one of my favorites. I love the speed that’s so evident in the boiling white water along the leeward rail, the driving power of the wind in the bellying headsails, and the promise of many more miles to goContinue reading “A bone in her teeth (cover photo series)”

Cover Photo Series: Arctic Ice

Flying Fish is the biannual journal of the Ocean Cruising Club, an international organization of ocean sailors, based in the UK. It’s a wonderful group of people, self-described (on the OCC website) as sharing a “combination of accomplishment, experience, idealism, eccentricity, generosity and humility.” I’ve contributed frequently to the journal since we joined the OCCContinue reading “Cover Photo Series: Arctic Ice”

A Favorite Photograph: Alaskan Brown Bears

Back to the stories behind some favorite images! It’s probably obvious why I love this Alaska image: grizzly bears are so closely associated with the North American wilderness, and Alaska in particular. But brown bears fishing for salmon are almost an Alaska cliché, so in our time in the Great Land we wanted to captureContinue reading “A Favorite Photograph: Alaskan Brown Bears”

Worldwide Classic Boat Show

Some of you might know that I’m a writer for Off Center Harbor, a site dedicated to classic boats and do-it-yourself boat-building and adventuring. Since few if any of the wooden and classic boat festivals happened in person last year, Off Center Harbor has put together an online Worldwide Classic Boat Show. They’ve collected overContinue reading “Worldwide Classic Boat Show”

A Favorite Photograph: King Crab Traps

This is another Alaska image we both like. Here, it’s spring in the Aleutian Islands, the off-season for the King crab fishery. As many of you may know from the TV series “Deadliest Catch”, the King crab fishery is a tough business, conducted in fall and winter when strong storms can pummel the Aleutians andContinue reading “A Favorite Photograph: King Crab Traps”

A Favorite Photograph: St Elias Range

I’ve transitioned away from keeping a sailing blog, but hope to write occasional posts, so here’s the start of a little series of the stories behind some of our favorite images. This is one of my favorite images from our voyages in Alaska because it captures so well so much of what I love aboutContinue reading “A Favorite Photograph: St Elias Range”

Ocean Cruising Club Lockdown Lectures

To keep our spirits up during the pandemic, the commodore of the Ocean Cruising Club had the wonderful idea to organize a series of Lockdown Lectures. The OCC is full of adventuresome and accomplished sailors with fascinating stories – there’s no clubhouse, just a great group of people. I’ve really enjoyed all the Lockdown Lectures,Continue reading “Ocean Cruising Club Lockdown Lectures”

Polynesia’s beautiful underwater world

I recently made another a little reel, which I hope gives a bit of a sense of the gorgeous underwater world and incredible marine life of French Polynesia in the South Pacific. We both love the diving and snorkeling there, whether its with the big critters – manta rays, dolphins, sharks – or the colorfulContinue reading “Polynesia’s beautiful underwater world”

Alaska Reel

Here’s a short video I’ve been working on recently, of the beauty of Alaska. I picked some of my favorite footage of wildlife, scenery, and sailing from summers there aboard CELESTE. Hope you enjoy it! (I’ve embedded it from Vimeo because I kind of prefer it, although I’ve also uploaded the video to YouTube. IfContinue reading “Alaska Reel”

Congratulations, Jean-Luc! 2019 Blue Water Medal goes to French offshore racer Jean-Luc Van Den Heede

I thought my readers might enjoy the press release about the remarkable sailing achievements of Jean-Luc Van Den Heede, this year’s recipient of the Cruising Club of America’s highest honor, the Blue Water Medal. (I ghost-wrote the release 😉)