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Polynesia’s beautiful underwater world


I recently made another a little reel, which I hope gives a bit of a sense of the gorgeous underwater world and incredible marine life of French Polynesia in the South Pacific. I simply love the diving and snorkeling there, whether its with the big critters – manta rays, dolphins, sharks – or the colorful reef fish, splendid coral, or the shoals of barracuda and jacks. Hope you enjoy the short film! (The diver in all the footage is a guy named Alexis, the organizer of a little dive club in the Tuamotus.)

(Click on the 4 arrows in the bottom right to make the video full screen.)

18 thoughts on “Polynesia’s beautiful underwater world

  1. oh my, four and a half minutes of peace and beauty — I so so so needed that … and writing in a new item on my bucket list (and please put a tip for us in your pianist’s virtual tip jar 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Scott! I’ll pass on your kind words to the pianist! She’ll be pleased! French Polynesia is a worthy addition to the bucket list – let me know if you’re serious and I’m more than happy to give you many more tips and advice than you want!

  2. Is Martha Massey your side of the family? Her piano playing was soothing and beautiful!

  3. That was beautiful! I almost thought I was there. It was funny, when I first saw the octopus I thought it was a hand! Ha! Thanks again.

  4. This was really nice to watch and listen to. Thank you, Michael

  5. Fantastic video. The quantity of fish and variety was astounding! What camera gear did you use for this?

    • Thanks so much!! The camera is a Canon SL1, the entry level DSLR, inside the housing that Ikelite makes for that camera. It’s a big step up from just a point-and-shoot, but it’s pretty basic in the underwater photography world, as you probably know! You can get all kinds of really nice lights to attach to the housing – we just have a 2500 lumen one, but it helps a lot.

  6. Thank you for sharing – so beautiful, so inspiring!

  7. Absolutely beautiful photography and fascinating variety of fish The accompanying piano player was flawless and no oops during her playing

  8. Amazing and Beautiful! I want to be there, swimming to Chopin!

  9. Amazing filming.. so clear it felt like I was there!