A Favorite Photograph: King Crab Traps

This is another Alaska image we both like. Here, it’s spring in the Aleutian Islands, the off-season for the King crab fishery. As many of you may know from the TV series “Deadliest Catch”, the King crab fishery is a tough business, conducted in fall and winter when strong storms can pummel the Aleutians and kick up big waves in the shallow Bering Sea. What I didn’t realize until we sailed to Dutch Harbor was that the king crab traps themselves are huge: wrestling one of these things onto the deck of a fishing boat would be difficult enough without a winter storm, even with hydraulic or electric winches. I like this image because it juxtaposes the serene beauty of a rare calm and sunny spring day in the beautiful Aleutians with the toughness of living and working there. (Me standing by the traps provides a nice sense of scale.)

6 thoughts on “A Favorite Photograph: King Crab Traps

      1. Ellen, I enjoyed your Underway article in Cruising World magazine about the Marquesas Islands. Those cruisers were the most fortunate I heard of. Thanks!

        1. Fun! I haven’t seen it yet myself – looking forward to it! I thought that was a great story about those cruisers, and we loved that bay and had a lot of fun photographing it from the top of the ridge. Glad you enjoyed it!

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