Across the world’s oceans under sail

Gone Floatabout

This site originally grew out of email updates I sent to friends and family while we were sailing around the world. I’ve since slimmed it down to my published articles and photographs of wild places and wildlife.


I’m a writer, sailor, and photographer who’s voyaged nearly 60,000 miles in all the world’s oceans, across the Equator three times, and across the Arctic Circle twice. I’m a frequent contributor to sailing magazines in the US, UK, and Canada and have been honored with sailing and literary awards from the Cruising Club of America, Ocean Cruising Club, and Boating Writers International.


All text © Ellen Massey Leonard, 2021, all rights reserved. All photographs © Ellen Massey Leonard and Seth Leonard, 2021, all rights reserved. Please do not use without permission. Thanks.

Sponsors of s/v Celeste’s Sailing Voyages

Please note that I only approached companies whose products I already believed in for sponsorship. Wouldn’t want gear you can’t trust for sailing to the Arctic!