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Alaska’s 150th


Volcanoes of Unimak Island

Yesterday was the 150th anniversary of the sale of Alaska from Russia to the United States – the famous “Seward’s Folly” of purchasing Alaska for 7.2 million dollars, about 15 billion today. There have been lots of articles out there on this event, so those of you who’d like to know more here are some interesting links:

And, to mark the occasion, here are 49 photos of the 49th State:


11 thoughts on “Alaska’s 150th

  1. Lovely work. We have only sailed to SE but loved it! Tell us more about Williwaw Cove.

    • Thank you! I think the photo you are referring to is the one of Castle Cape? The caption was left over from a post I wrote in 2014 about our trip west out the Alaska Peninsula. We had been sailing in a gale and wanted a rest and thought we might pull into a cove we saw on our chart. Unfortunately our chart didn’t have the land topography well-marked and the cove turned out to be walled on three sides with very high cliffs. The NW wind accelerated down them to create fierce katabatic winds – from a distance the spume they got up looked like an enormous pod of spouting whales, but we quickly realized it wasn’t whales. Needless to say, we carried on at sea. And we were well rewarded – the gale died down and I got a stunning show of northern lights at the end of my night-watch around 5am. I love moments like those at sea.

  2. You have some amazing photos in this collection. It really shows the diversity of wildlife and landscapes in Alaska.

    • Thank you, Jeff! I’ve really enjoyed the photos you’ve had of Alaska as well, and of course all the beautiful images of Thailand more recently.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous photos!

  4. I like the photos much better than the articles;-) Seriously, though, these were a great treat treat. Thanks!

  5. Just so beautiful – and amazing.

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