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Arctic Voyage

Sailing to the Alaskan Arctic aboard Celeste, Summers 2013 – 2016


2016: Return from Aleutian Islands to Washington State

Dutch Harbor – Alaska Peninsula – Kodiak – Kenai Fjords – Gulf of Alaska – Inside Passage – Juan de Fuca Strait. (Black line on the map)


2015: Aleutian Islands to Arctic Ocean and Back

Dutch Harbor – Pribilof Islands – Nome – Bering Strait – Arctic Ocean – return to Unalaska. (Yellow line on the map)

Rowing in Ice


Bering Sea:

Bering Strait and Chukchi Sea:

Beaufort Sea / Arctic Ocean:



2014: Washington State to Aleutian Islands

Refit in Port Angeles, Washington – Vancouver Island West Coast – Haida Gwaii – Southeast Alaska – Gulf of Alaska – Prince William Sound – Kenai Fjords – Alaska Peninsula – Dutch Harbor, Aleutians. (White line on the map)

Brown bear and cubs

Refitting / Outfitting:

Vancouver Island’s West Coast to Glacier Bay, Alaska:

Gulf of Alaska, Prince William Sound, Kenai Fjords:

Alaska Peninsula to Aleutian Islands:


2013: British Columbia

Victoria – Desolation Sound – Gulf Islands.

A Photo Gallery of CELESTE’s shakedown cruise following purchase. (Red line on the map.) 

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