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Happy 2017!

Happy New Year to the Gone Floatabout subscribers! And welcome to our new subscribers – so glad you’re enjoying our blog!

To welcome in the new year, we thought it would be fun to look back on some of the highlights of a hectic but good 2016. Here’s one for each season: Continue reading


Coldest 4th of July ever! Independence Day on St Paul Island

St Paul churchDespite our late night on the fishing boat after our day of watching birds and seals, we were up at 9AM on the 4th, wandering around town and wondering if anything was going to happen for the holiday. The whole place seemed asleep. The fog was back and the wind was blowing like mad – at least 25 knots, even in the harbor. Winds this strong have a tendency to blow out our stove-type heater (not a huge problem since we also have a forced air heater, but an inconvenience) so we wanted to visit the little local store to buy some bits and pieces to construct a wind-shield for the chimney. We found a sign on the door saying the store would open at 11, so we came back then and promptly returned to the boat to do our project since (still) nothing was happening about the 4th.

But just as we were finishing up and testing the heater (which no longer got blown out – success!) we heard sirens. The parade! We hustled across the windswept expanse of dirt between the harbor and the village and saw quite a substantial parade descending the hill past the cemetery, about to come into town!  It was much larger than anything I’d imagined would happen on little St Paul. Continue reading