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Dr Leonard!

Seth's thesis defense

Seth’s defense of his dissertation

Seth got his PhD! As many of you know, Seth has been working hard at this for the last few years. We moved to Switzerland in 2010 for him to start the Masters in Economics program at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. In 2012 he got his masters and started on the PhD program. The PhD included original research (3 papers total), classes both at the Graduate Institute and at Gerzensee Study Center (a foundation of the Swiss National Bank), and also a job as a teaching assistant for the Masters courses. The grand finale was his thesis defense with a panel of three economists (two professors from the Graduate Institute – Cedric Tille and Rahul Mukherjee – and an external reader – Michele Lenza from the European Central Bank). We were just back in Switzerland for this, which was a big success! So now Seth is officially Dr Leonard!