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Critter Post 3: Caribou


Denali - Caribou in snow

Caribou in the snow, Denali National Park


Despite a paucity of images, I’ve decided to write about the caribou for Critter Post 3. Caribou are an integral part of life in the Arctic and we were lucky enough to see one on the shore of the Beaufort Sea on Alaska’s North Slope – quite the sight, the lone antlered creature on the vast tundra. He was too far away to photograph, so for Critter Post 3 we’ll have to content ourselves with a couple of images taken on our trip to Denali National Park in 2015. Continue reading


A week’s travel to reach Dutch Harbor, Part 2

Flight to Anchorage over Greenland

Flight to Anchorage over Greenland

After landing in Anchorage, we met up with the wonderful sailing couple who have loaned us charts for the Arctic, Chris and Jess Bray.  We had a fun dinner despite the jet-lag and exchanged tips for our respective routes 🙂  After a few errands the next day, we hit the road for Denali National Park! Continue reading