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Port Angeles, Part Two

Installing solar panels, varnishing hand rails

Installing solar panels, varnishing hand rails

The ten days following our hoped-for launch date of June 10 were dominated by installing equipment. Once all the paint and varnish had dried, Seth mounted and wired our new solar panels: two on the forward end of the cabin top, two aft where the old Dorade vent was, and one on a swivel mount on the stern pulpit. (There had been a large one there, but it didn’t seem to be producing much—if any—power, so we replaced it.) Meanwhile, I was hard at work back in our hotel room putting together our Jordan Series Drogue.

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Rolls Batteries on board Celeste


(NB: After careful research, we approached Rolls for sponsorship.  We only work with companies whose products we would use regardless of sponsorship.)

We’re thrilled that Rolls Battery Engineering (Surrette Battery Co.) has agreed to sponsor our voyage!  Ever since we first learned of the company, we’ve been drawn to both their reputation for long-lasting marine batteries and their consciousness of the environment.  They’ve innovated a ‘closed loop’ recycling process whereby their old batteries become new ones: each Rolls battery is made of at least 60% recycled lead.  Equally good for the planet (and great for customers!) is that a Rolls battery takes longer to be completely spent: the designers have created a unique ‘resistitox’ plate to guarantee one of the longest life expectancies in the industry. But why are batteries so important? Continue reading


Safe and Connected with OCENS and MVS

ocens (2)

After circumnavigating with almost no communications, we knew we wanted good services for our high latitude voyage.  Friends had spoken highly of OCENS, so we approached them for sponsorship.  We only work with companies whose products we would use regardless of sponsorship.

We’re thrilled to have OCENS Satellite Systems and Service, and their partner MVS Satellite Communications helping us stay safe and connected as we voyage north!

MVS_logo (2)Communications are vital for voyaging in higher latitudes where weather is volatile and can be severe, and where ice conditions can change even faster.  Aboard Celeste we’ll need access to good weather forecasts starting upon departure from the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  They’ll become even more vital when we cross the Gulf of Alaska and when we enter the Bering Sea.  Upon reaching Arctic waters we’ll also need daily ice charts so we can make informed and safe decisions.  Thanks to OCENS and MVS we’ll be able to do all that reliably and quickly through OCENS’s excellent weather and e-mail services and through our Iridium Extreme phone and airtime.  Continue reading