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Port Angeles, Part Two

Installing solar panels, varnishing hand rails

Installing solar panels, varnishing hand rails

The ten days following our hoped-for launch date of June 10 were dominated by installing equipment. Once all the paint and varnish had dried, Seth mounted and wired our new solar panels: two on the forward end of the cabin top, two aft where the old Dorade vent was, and one on a swivel mount on the stern pulpit. (There had been a large one there, but it didn’t seem to be producing much—if any—power, so we replaced it.) Meanwhile, I was hard at work back in our hotel room putting together our Jordan Series Drogue.

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Capsizing, why it happens, and how the Jordan Series Drogue helps

Seth and I are grateful to have Ace Sailmakers and the Jordan Series Drogue supporting our voyage!  Ever since weathering a Force 10 storm off South Africa, we’ve wanted a series drogue on board, so we were very happy when Dave at Ace Sailmakers agreed to be a supporter.

Despite modern forecasts, ‘weather’—the sailors’ classically understated euphemism for a storm—is still a fact of life at sea. If you spend long enough traversing the world’s oceans, you’re bound to run into gales if not full blown storms. Waves begin to break (think of surfing) in storm conditions, and boats can capsize or pitch-pole in breaking waves. Drogues, especially the Jordan Series Drogue, can prevent this.

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