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Inside Passage, express style. (September 2017)

Fishing boat in Cross Sound

Fishing boat in Cross Sound, the evening we reached the Inside Passage again

After a couple days of rest upon reaching the sheltered waters of Southeast Alaska, we set off for a nearly non-stop trip south down the rest of the Inside Passage. We started on this marathon on September 9 and our goal was to be back in Port Angeles, Washington in two weeks.  Continue reading


Wonderful introduction to Unalaska Island!

Sea otter, UnalaskaWe just loved Unalaska!  We arrived after our 36-hour passage from King Cove (about 220nM) on September 3, 2014 at about 16:00.  We were first greeted by the most adorable sea otter.  He even looked like he was waving his little paws at us.  So good to see, especially since sea otters were hunted (for their thick and beautiful fur) almost to extinction in the 18th and 19th centuries.  The Aleutian Island populations were among the hardest hit since these were the first places ‘discovered’ by the Russians in the 1740s.  After a few photographs of this wonderful creature we turned our attention to docking, and soon thereafter our good friends Andy and Daneen arrived on the dock! Continue reading