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50,000 sea miles

Setting moon on Pacific crossing

Moon setting at dawn on our second Pacific crossing

So, to spill the beans… this summer when we were all out-of-touch and offline, we were sailing across the Pacific again. This second Pacific Ocean crossing was quite different from our first one in 2007, but more on that in a later post. I’m still processing the whole experience in my head (and in my photo file folders!), so for now this post is just a fun little look back:

  • When we crossed the Pacific this time, it had been 11 years since our first Pacific crossing.
  • It had been 8 years since we were last in the Southern Hemisphere,
  • and 7 years since we’d sailed in the Tropics.


    One of our last tropical ports on our circumnavigation

  • So that means we’ve now been sailing offshore for 12 years! (on and off, it hasn’t been full time all that time.) Here’s a fun little slideshow of highs and lows aboard HERETIC and CELESTE:
  • The crossing this summer was our 4th transoceanic passage. 

    Passage to Africa

    Moon on a beautiful evening en route to Africa,  towards the end of our 2nd transoceanic passage

  • We’ve also sailed across  4 seas – the Caribbean, the Coral Sea, the Arafura Sea, the Bering, and the Chukchi – and across 4 “gulfs” – the Gulf of Maine, the Gulf of Alaska, the Gulf of Panama, and the Gulf of Carpentaria.


    Waves breaking on St Paul Island, central Bering Sea

  • We’ve been 3 times across the Equator and twice across the Arctic Circle. 

    Crossing the Arctic Circle

    Across the Arctic Circle

  • And partway through this summer’s Pacific crossing, we passed 50,000 nautical miles sailed, and said a prayer of thanks to the sturdy vessels that have taken us so far.