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RollsbatteriesWriting for sailing magazines means I learn about a lot of cool gear I only wish I could have.  Rolls marine batteries were definitely one of those: they’re known for their long-lasting reliability, superior cycling, and sustainable manufacturing process.

Having lived with too small a battery bank for a whole circumnavigation, I’d done a lot of wishful research on Rolls by the time I got up the courage to send them our sponsorship proposal.  Of course I was thrilled they accepted!

After all, Celeste may look traditional on the outside but she sports a lot of modern technology that needs power.  Happily for us, the centerpiece of her electrical system is now her Rolls batteries.

Celeste in Papoose Cove

Our two AGM maintenance-free batteries allow us to store 460 amp-hours, plenty to power Celeste’s navigational and communications equipment as well as her low-draw desalinator and her LED lighting.

Securing our new Rolls batteries

Securing our new Rolls batteries

Rolls designs its batteries with a unique ‘resistitox’ plate, providing one of the longest life expectancies in the industry. It’s still important to keep our batteries healthy by never discharging more than 25%, so we have 200 watts of solar panels to generate our electricity at sea and on anchor, a high-output alternator for motoring, and a smart charger for when we’re hooked up to the grid on a dock. This system has worked excellently: even in the Arctic with its very low-angle sunshine, our batteries remained full only on solar power whenever the sun shone!

10PM in the Arctic - batteries full from solar power!

10PM in the Arctic – batteries full from solar power!

I’ve long been a fan of Rolls Battery Engineering’s environmental practices: they use over 60% recycled lead in their new products.  Much of this comes from recycling spent Rolls batteries and components, thus creating a ‘closed loop’ recycling process.  So their “one mean battery” really is also “one clean battery”!

Rolls batteries

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