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NB: After careful research, we approached Mantus Anchors for sponsorship.  We were convinced of the holding power of ‘new generation’ anchors after watching a test in New Zealand, and we decided on Mantus based on test videos and researching the design, manufacturing, and customer testimonials of several different companies.

mantus-anchorsGround tackle is an essential piece of equipment for voyaging anywhere, but particularly in remote regions, and Mantus makes new-generation anchors with incredible holding power.  Ever since we learned about new-generation anchors in New Zealand we’ve wanted one. There we watched a tractor drag a whole bunch of anchors through the sand until it got to the new-generation one and stopped dead, wheels spinning and digging holes in the beach!

From the South Pacific and Indian Ocean to the Aleutian Islands and the Arctic, the places we’ve been and are going to are pretty out there, so we wanted a solid set of anchors to keep us and our baby Celeste secure in isolated bays and variable holding grounds.

As it turned out, we were dead right on choosing Mantus! Check out our video of the rough conditions we encountered at anchor in the Arctic!

‘The troubles begin close to land’ is an old sailors’ adage and dragging an anchor is one of a voyager’s worst nightmares:  there were several times on our circumnavigation when we had to start the engine to take the load off our ground tackle during gales.  In hurricane force winds in the Chesapeake Bay in 2012 we dragged hard aground and were worried about losing our boat!  So we did a lot of wishful research for Celeste and settled on Texas-based Mantus anchors to approach for sponsorship.  Their anchors have been tested extensively and shown to out-perform traditional designs, and even competitor new-generation ground tackle.  The Mantus is engineered to set rapidly, reliably, and securely even in hard and grassy bottoms (and it does indeed, even in very deep, kelpy anchorages in Alaska!).

Mantus comes up

They also pack down and are easy to store, so there’s no excuse not to carry an extra.  We actually carry three Mantus anchors aboard Celeste—her 45lbs primary anchor, a 35lbs stern anchor, and a 65lbs storm anchor, just in case!  This plus 175 feet of high-test chain has kept us safe in 90-foot-deep anchorages, questionable holding ground, and 60 knot katabatic winds.

Holding strong despite williwaws!

Holding strong despite williwaws!

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Also visit www.mantusanchors.com to learn more and to see the Mantus test videos!

Checking the anchor line's chafe gear

Gale in the Bering Sea