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In print in Cruising World: (also available online if there’s a link!)

Coming soon: “Waterfalls and Glaciers”, “Banishing Water Worries: A low-draw desalinator proves easy to install and maintain”, “End of Season Lay-Up”.

 In print in Classic Boat: (also available online if there’s a link!)

Coming soon: “A Rare Arctic Bird”.

In print in Sailing Today:

In print in Ocean Navigator: (almost all are also available online)

Coming soon: “Beating Winter Woes: Living Aboard in the Cold Months”

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Coming soon: “My Favorite Dinghy and Why: The Chameleon Nesting Dinghy”

In print in Sailing January 2017: “Captain Cook’s Paradise: New Zealand’s Bay of Islands

In print in SAIL: Great Inagua Island.

In print in Alert Diver: An Ounce of Prevention

In print in WaterCraft: 

In Cruising Club of America (CCA) and Ocean Cruising Club (OCC) journals:

  • “Sail Fast!” in CCA 2017 journal.
  • “Voyaging to the Top of America: A Two-Season Cruise to Arctic Alaska” in CCA’s 2016 journal. For which I was awarded the Vilas Literary Prize.
  • Cover Photo and article in the OCC’s 2016/1 journal.

In print in Cruising Outpost How to Lose a Dinghy

In print in The Coastal Passage: The Man Behind the Screen, Clearing Customs in Oz

In print in Hello Switzerland:

In Offshoots 12: Reflections (Geneva Writers’ Group 2013 anthology): Poem “Leaving Home”.


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