Alaska and the Arctic

Image from sailing throughout Alaska’s varied waters: from the temperate rainforests of the Southeast Panhandle to the fjords around Prince William Sound; from the volcanoes of the Alaska Peninsula to the windswept islands of the Aleutians; from the gray waters of the Bering Sea to the sea ice of the Arctic Ocean.

Alaska: Wildlife

Alaska’s wilderness is home to so many beautiful animals, from majestic humpback whales and brown bears to endearing otters and comical ground squirrels.

Pacific Northwest

Images of the mountains, waterways, and wildlife of coastal British Columbia and Washington State.


Images captured while voyaging among the diverse and vibrant islands of French Polynesia, from the lush peaks of the Marquesas to the sunbaked coral atolls of the Tuamotu arch.


Images of the incredible ecological diversity of a land that’s still growing.


From the lonely west coast with its cold ocean current to the hot desert and warmer turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortez, Mexico’s Baja Peninsula is full of contrasts.


History, cities, mountains, forests, wildlife, and a rugged coastline: California is ever interesting for photographers and travelers.

The Alps: Summer

Images from Europe’s highest mountain range: its glaciers, summits, meadows, forests, cascades, torrents, pastures, chalets, castles, and animals.

The Alps: Winter

Winter transforms the Alps into a snowy wonderland, silent and beautiful but perilous to skiers in the backcountry and even to the wildlife adapted to living here.

Ocean Sailing

Images from sailing a small sloop in most of the world’s oceans.


Photographs of the vibrant marine life of Polynesia and Hawaii, with the occasional image captured in the West Coast’s kelp forests.


Avian life around the world, from the red-legged kittiwakes of the Bering Sea to migratory Laysan albatrosses to Australia’s rainbow lorikeets.

All photographs copyright Ellen Massey Leonard and Seth Leonard, 2021, all rights reserved.