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Stuff I’ve published about sailing and the outdoors:

In Ocean Navigator, for which I’m honored to be a contributing editor:

In Cruising World:

In Pacific Yachting:

 In Classic Boat:

In WaterCraft:


  • Adventures with Dinghy Series
    • A Strange Wreck in the Bahamas
    • Dolphins Playing in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands
    • The Tender Goes Solo – in the Panama Canal
    • A Sojourn in the Fijian Jungle
    • Can I Survive Australia?
    • In at the Deep End
    • Wreck-diving in Bermuda
    • A New Dinghy, a New Mothership, and a New Direction
    • Close Encounters with Brown Bears
    • Ice in Alaska
  • Cover Photo March/April 2016
  • Cover Photo Jan/Feb 2017
  • Dampfboot! Paddle Steamboat Liberty Belle


  • A Cruise on the Wilder Side: Baja California’s West Coast
  • Bay of Virgins, Fatu Hiva
  • South Pacific Starry Night
  • Great Inagua Island

In Sailing Today:

In Blue Water Sailing:

On OffCenterHarbor.com, for which I’m honored to be a “guide”:

In Sister Ship online magazine:

In Backcountry:

In Misadventures:

  • Landfall to A Sailor (also published in Voyages 2020, the journal of the Cruising Club of America, “Musings on Landfall”)

In Sailing:

  • Captain Cook’s Paradise: New Zealand’s Bay of Islands

In Alert Diver:

  • An Ounce of Prevention

In Voyages, the journal of the Cruising Club of America:

  • Musings on Landfall Voyages2019cover
  • Cover Photo 2019: CELESTE in the Doldrums, crossing the Pacific.
  • A Penchant for the Primitive: Reflections on spending my twenties at sea.
  • Sail Fast! The Aleutian Islands to Juan de Fuca Strait in seven weeks.
  • Voyaging to the Top of America: A two-season cruise to the Alaskan Arctic. Honored with the Vilas Literary Prize.

I was honored be the 2018 recipient of the CCA’s Young Voyager Award.

In Flying Fish, the journal of the Ocean Cruising Club:

  • Cover Photo 2019/2
  • Passage to San Francisco
  • Cover Photo 2018/2
  • A Penchant for the Primitive (updated in 2018). Honored with the David Wallis Trophy.
  • Voyaging to the Top of America: A Two-Season Cruise to the Alaskan Arctic.
  • Cover Photo 2016/1

In Cruising Outpost

  • How to Lose a Dinghy

In The Coastal Passage:

  • The Man Behind the Screen, Clearing Customs in Oz

In Hello Switzerland:

In anthology Offshoots 12: Reflections:

  • Poem “Leaving Home”

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