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18 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Thank you for sharing so much in your About page. I love getting to know the sailors I read about.

  2. Hi Ellen & Seth,
    many thanks for your kind words in your comment on my blog… although I have so far only read a minimal portion of your site, I can already see that it is a perfect continuation of your photography and – of course – your boat: simply beautiful.
    Lots of good luck (and fun) for your journeys, I do hope we will meet some day on one of those oceans.
    Take care,

    • Thanks very much, Hubert. Wonderful to hear you’re enjoying the site and our photography! We’re looking forward to reading more of yours, too. Hope we do cross paths out on the beautiful blue ocean!
      All the best,
      Ellen and Seth

  3. Hi guys, thank you for visiting and following our adventures which pale into insignificance compared to yours! We are blown away by your achievements and your plans for the Northwest Passage and will come back to read more of your stories. We are now following you… eagerly!

    • Thanks for following and hope you are enjoying the blog! We have a lot of fun out there and love to be able to share it all with fellow sailors and just anyone who’s interested. Your photos are amazing, btw, especially your bird shots—I know how tough those are to get! Looking forward to reading more of your posts—glad to have connected!

  4. We are absolutely thrilled for the two of you as you embark on another challenging sea adventure. The two of you were competent and thoughtful sailors when we met in the South Pacific in 2007. So now, a few years and thousands of challenging sea miles later, we are confident that the two of you and Celeste are fully prepared for whatever the northern seas throw your way.

    Embrace every moment of this exciting adventure with the same zeal that drove you and thoughtfulness that guided you during your circumnavigation aboard Heretic.

    We look forward to sailing vicariously with you through the Northwest Passage.

    Love & hugs,
    Carmen & Larry
    Aboard S/Y Water Musik

    • Hi Larry and Carmen,
      Thanks so much for your well-wishes and support! We both really hope to meet up with you guys on the high seas once again sometime!
      Miss you,
      Ellen and Seth

  5. So fascinating to read about all the preparations. At first I thought the blog was just a type of advertising, but now I understand that sponsors are necessary. Not everyone has the guts like you two to realize your dreams when you’re young and strong but with a certain lack of funds. Bravo to you and your sponsors. Beside that, it’s interesting to learn about the preparations for such a voyage. From landlocked Switzerland I wish you both “Bon vent”.

    • Thanks so much, Jo Ann! We’re definitely grateful to our sponsors–it makes a huge refit like we’ve been doing go much more smoothly. I’ve been trying to give quite a bit of the details of our refit while at the same time highlighting how these companies have helped out—I hope it’s been interesting even to non-sailors 🙂

  6. Bon voyage, you two! I will be following along — can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

  7. “Bon vent, Seth et Ellen!” When I begin to worry, it is a relief to remember how exceptionally well you two always prepare. Looking forward to reading all about it!

    • Thank you! And sorry for having missed replying to your comment earlier! Our preparations did well by us on this part of the voyage and we hope will stand up equally well to next summer’s adventures!

  8. It’s really interesting to read about your preparations for this trip. For landlubbers like me, it takes me into a completely different frame of mind, thinking about hoe to deal with polar bears, how to ensure an adequate supply of water, etc. It’s like I can participate a little in your adventure!
    Thank you and bon voyage!

  9. Dear Ellen & Seth

    How time goes by, it seems like only yesterday we were liming in the South Pacific. I just stopped by to wish you fair winds and calm seas during your next great adventure.

    As I sit topsides with a sundowner in hand I reminisce about the first I met you both, SV Heretic at anchor off the Panama yacht club which as we all know is (was) located in a quaint place called Colon. Around some tables a few sailors enjoying a run ashore, the drinks flowing and then someone tried to speak German! Obviously far too many beers and shorts as I recall.

    Through engine troubles in Panama, replacement Gearbox in New Zealand and then Seth rushing around trying to get Heretic tidy for Ellen’s next vista (sorry Seth) and, well getting tipsy a few times along the way.

    I cannot think of many fellow sailors I would be so confident of fulfilling their dreams whatever they may be, as always cover the basics, look after Celeste and she will look after you.

    Have a wonderful time and I look forward reading the updates on your voyages along the way.

    Fair winds, calm seas.

    Skipper SV Pinta
    Solo circumnavigation 2005/9

    • Great to hear from you, David!
      It does almost feel like yesterday we were diving with Brian and toasting the sunset on the motus of Bora Bora… Off to a different set of Pacific islands soon but I think the Aleutians will be equally stunning. Boat’s in much better shape than Heretic was in either Panama or NZ, thankfully! We’ve been doing a ton of work to her in the last month, in addition to all the work Platypus Marine (the boatyard here) did over the winter. [Have to defend myself a little bit here—no thanks to college, I might not have done as much work as Seth in NZ, but I did wet-sand and paint the entire bottom, so he didn’t always tidy up as much as would have been nice 🙂 ] Work on Celeste has been more fiddly than dirty, though, and now we’re feeling pretty confident about setting out. Super excited to make new landfalls. The only thing missing will be dear old Pinta riding at anchor next to us.
      Miss you!

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