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About GoneFloatabout:

Seth and Ellen at Mauritius ImmigrationDrawn to the outdoors since childhood, the two of us just completed a voyage to the Arctic and are soon to sail south aboard our classic sailboat Celeste.  Both of us learned to sail young, though our first time offshore was setting off to circumnavigate the planet!  We’re a lot more experienced now, after 40,000 nautical miles instead of none… but our adventures continue to be full of wonderful challenges, people, wildlife, and unexpected moments we like sharing with our readers.

Least Auklet

Blogging in the Bering Sea…

What’s this blog about? It grew out of a monthly email update we sent to family and friends during our circumnavigation – a blog is just a better platform for sharing photos and stories. Ellen also writes for magazines and is always honored to be able to share her writing and photography that way.  As a bonus, the blog is an easy way for us to look back on our voyages.

NB: Our posts are often published many weeks (even months…) after the fact because it’s rare to have a good internet connection while voyaging, and because (like the magazines Ellen contributes to) we spend a lot of time sorting our images and planning our essays.  While it’s not the normal style of blogging, we hope it doesn’t matter since our content isn’t very time-sensitive. 🙂

Celeste at Columbia Glacier-2

What’s Gone Floatabout mean? It’s inspired by Aboriginal Australian ‘walkabout’. The goal isn’t about ‘firsts’ or titles or sea miles but – cliche as it is – to live each day of the voyage itself and to be always learning.

If you’re curious about our voyages, there’s lots of info under the Arctic Voyage and Circumnavigation tabs, and you can get a feel for what it’s really like with the videos we’ve just started making! You can also read more about us and the boat.  Or you can subscribe to the blog by entering your email address (it doesn’t get shared in any way!) in the widget.

If you like pretty pictures (who doesn’t?!), we have extensive galleries on our Photography page. There’s even more in Ellen’s published articles as well as lots of useful tidbits for those thinking of casting off the docklines. And we’re also on Instagram and Twitter (though we’re not that active on them).

All text and photographs © Ellen Massey Leonard and Seton Leonard, 2016, All Rights Reserved.Bear close-up