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Least Auklet

(not) blogging in the Bering Sea…

What: “Gone Floatabout” grew out of email updates we sent to friends and family while we were sailing around the world. I post updates about our sailing on this site, though they are sometimes (often…) months after the fact due to the difficulties of finding both the time for it and a good enough WiFi connection to upload pictures. I also write “Critter Posts” about all the wonderful wildlife we see.

Who: My name’s Ellen, and I’m a sailor, hiker, writer, photographer, skier, and scuba diver, probably in that order. I write articles and shoot photos for (mostly) sailing magazines in the US, UK, and Canada.

My husband Seth is a PhD economist, statistician, computer programmer, sailor, skier, photographer, scuba diver, and hiker, not necessarily in that order. He provides data analytics, predictive modeling, and statistical programming through his consultancy.


Together we’ve sailed over 50,000 nautical miles on smallish, older sailboats. We started when I was 20 and Seth was 24 and went all the way around the world, via the Cape of Good Hope. Since then we’ve sailed in the Arctic, Alaska and Aleutian Islands, the West and East coasts of North America, and across the Pacific for a second time.

We also lived in Switzerland for several years, while Seth earned his PhD in Economics and I taught at a boarding school and learned French, and we both tried to hike and ski as much as possible. I hope you enjoy our stories and images!

All text and photographs © Ellen Massey Leonard 2018, All Rights Reserved.