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Least Auklet

(not) blogging in the Arctic…

What: “Gone Floatabout” grew out of email updates I sent to friends and family while we were sailing around the world. I write about the outdoors, especially our sailing adventures, from the Arctic to the tropics. I also write about wildlife, scuba diving, trekking and hiking, and backcountry skiing – I love the mountains as much as the sea. I only write here about once a fortnight, so don’t be too surprised if my posts are weeks (or even months…) after the fact. This lets me mull over my experiences in my head, process my photos, and write something I hope is worth reading, and it also preserves my privacy.



Seth and Ellen at Mauritius Immigration

Who: My name’s Ellen, and I write articles and shoot photos for (mostly) sailing magazines in the US, UK, and Canada. If you’d like to get in touch with me by email, please use the contact form below – thanks!

I’ve sailed over 50,000 miles on smallish, older sailboats with Seth, a PhD economist and statistician (see his business intelligence / predictive analytics start-up here). We began when I was 20 and Seth was 24 and went around the world via the Cape of Good Hope, restoring our 40-year-old cutter ourselves along the way. Since then we’ve sailed in the Arctic, Alaska and Aleutian Islands, the West and East coasts of North America, and across the Pacific for a second time. In 2019 we were honored with the Young Voyager Award from the Cruising Club of America.


For questions about photos (use & licensing), articles, or just to say hello, please use this contact form. I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can – please understand that it may take time. Thanks!


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