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Amazing Trades, article in Ocean Navigator magazine



Landfall on Ascension Island, South Atlantic, 2010

It’s been a little while since I posted links to my published writing, so I thought I’d share one that came out in the latest issue of Ocean Navigator magazine. It’s the last piece in my four-part series looking back at the toughest passages in my years sailing. But it’s not about a tough passage at all! I decided to end on a good note, so it’s about the best passage I’ve ever sailed, across the Atlantic from Ascension Island to the Caribbean. Hope you enjoy the story!


6 thoughts on “Amazing Trades, article in Ocean Navigator magazine

  1. Another beautifully written article demonstrating, yet again, your mature sailing/decision making and your keen sense of adventure! Kudos ‘kids’!

  2. Great to hear from you. Did you leave your boat in the Alaska peninsula? Still trying to sail across the top of the earth?

    • No, not anymore! Left Alaska in the fall of 2017 for Baja California and then the South Pacific. Bit of a change of pace! Definitely enjoyed all the beautiful coral reefs and scuba diving and the tropical fruit!

  3. I tried to send my comments but it didn’t take .Your writing was so poignant and descriptive, but I missed my sister’s piano playing Hope you and Seth are coping with the shelter in place. when will you begin another voyage ?


    • Thanks so much! So glad you enjoyed the story! I haven’t made any more videos lately, but I’ll post them when/if I do! I love listening to Mom’s piano too!