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Cover girl Celeste


Flying Fish 2019 coverToday when I opened my post box, what did I see but our lovely CELESTE on another cover! In the photo she’s rollicking along before a strong northwest wind en route to San Francisco from Cape Flattery, Washington a couple of years ago. Flying Fish, the biannual journal of the Ocean Cruising Club, also ran my story of the passage, including many more photographs that didn’t make it into the first version of the story, which ran in Ocean Navigator magazine. Here’s the cover (above) and some of these new/extra photos:

Plus one of my favorites, that I got from our 7-foot rowing dinghy on a windy day in Southeast Alaska:

Sailing past waterfall

Author: Ellen

sailor, writer, photographer

8 thoughts on “Cover girl Celeste

  1. I can see why it made the cover! The lines a sense of speed are perfection.

  2. Not sure whether you realise – we were on Take It Easy for many years and a year ago moved onto a larger catamaran, called Anui, hence the change of website. Cheers – Chris & Wade

    • Yes, I had seen that – she looks like a great boat! I haven’t been that good about keeping up with the blogs I follow… gotten caught up in a new life ashore! We still sail a couple months a year but land life has pretty well taken over otherwise! But thanks for the reminder – I’m curious what you guys are up to so I’ll go have a look 🙂

  3. Congratulations- always nice to be published and even nicer to make the cover photo.

  4. She’s a beauty!!! Congrats!

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