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The Sea Gypsy’s Conundrum and other stories


Celeste in Kenai Fjords

When it arrived in my mailbox a couple weeks ago, I was excited to see that the most recent issue of Cruising World magazine features an article I wrote after surveying a bunch of fellow sailors: The Sea Gypsy’s Conundrum. One of the big organizational hassles for offshore sailors is what to do about a permanent address and about receiving mail while voyaging.

01 Post Office boxes

Mail is actually the easier half of this equation, as much of it can be dealt with online nowadays, but the permanent address issue – required for tax filing, applications for foreign visas, and renewals of passports, bank cards, driver’s licenses, even boat documentation – is a little harder. So I sent out my survey questions to a bunch of sailors and got about two dozen responses, all of them informative and interesting. A big thank you to all of you who contributed!

A lot of people even answered questions I’d neglected to ask, such as how they dealt with online security issues. After pulling all these together, I wrote my article outlining how sailors around the world – everyone from famous solo Southern Ocean sailor Jeanne Socrates to a couple living aboard their beautiful home-built wooden ketch in Maine – solve these problems. The result is the article that’s now out in Cruising World!

In the same issue, I have another double-page spread photo! “Ote’a Dance Practice on the Wharf” is a shot taken last year during the sunset practice of a traditional Tahitian dance troupe on an atoll in the Tuamotu archipelago of French Polynesia. They were getting ready for their annual competition and rehearsed their steps right there on the wharf next to where CELESTE was moored. It was so much fun to see them get better and better and then finally to see them compete. You’ll have to read the piece I wrote to go with the photo to find out if they won! 😉

I can’t publish the shot on Gone Floatabout, but here’s one from the actual night of the competition! Tahitian dance

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