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Home Ashore


Many of you know that we moved to Hawaii. For those of you who don’t, I realize how unexpected that must seem, especially after so much time sailing and so much time in cold places. The reason was primarily that Seth’s workload had increased to the point where he could no longer work from the boat.

Sailing in the Marquesas

No WiFi out here… South Pacific 2018

Trying to have a career while living aboard, let alone sailing to remote (read: without internet) places, is really hard. The confined space of a sailboat must serve both for sailing and living; adding career-type work to that is tough. So a land base became necessary. Fortunately, Seth’s remote work enabled us to choose almost anywhere in American territory that had good internet: we weren’t confined to a specific region or city. Hawaii might still sound like an unexpected choice given our seeming penchant for cold places. That penchant has really been mostly mine, however, and when picking a place to live, my Alaskan suggestions were never going to beat out Hawaii’s year-round coral reef scuba diving…

Many friends in Alaska had ties to Hawaii, too, which is what first put it on our radar as a place to live. So in October 2017, when it became clear we’d need to stop sailing so much and work ashore, we flew to Hawaii to scope it out, and thereafter we only sailed for a month or two at a time, continuing our voyage south and then across the Pacific in May 2018, in stages and working in between. Life on Hawaii pretty much took over from sailing after that. The island has a lot to offer: I’m always finding new beautiful places, making new friends, and learning new things, such as outrigger canoe paddling. Here are some photos of this lovely place:


10 thoughts on “Home Ashore

  1. What a great lifestyle you have built for yourselves! Having a house, but not being tired to a house …. now that is FREEDOM!

  2. Welcome to the Islands! I hope y’all have some amazing adventures

  3. Good luck!

  4. Fabulous! Sounds like a sensible place to set that land anchor for now.

  5. Wow guys, that sounds like a wonderful choice! Will you be hanging on to Celeste?

    Warm greetings from sunny Gabriola,


    • Hi Merel,
      Great to hear from you – sorry for the late reply! Yes, hanging onto Celeste as long as it’s possible! Eventually I’d like to take her back to your neck of the woods. I’ll send you an email.
      Hope you’re well and enjoying fall,