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An historic ship reconstruction


I recently wrote a short “Yard News” item for Classic Boat magazine, that’s out in the July issue. It briefly covers an interesting project that’s been going on in Maine for the past few years: a reconstruction of a 17th century colonial ship, the Virginia.  The reconstruction has been an almost entirely volunteer endeavor, and is being undertaken in as historically accurate a manner as possible, except for what’s required to make her Coast Guard certified to take on passengers when she eventually launches. There’s lots of information about the project, including how to get involved if you live near Bath, Maine, on the Maine’s First Ship website.

It’s so impressive to see what the crew is getting done and the attention to detail with which they’re doing it. Here are a couple of photos:

4 thoughts on “An historic ship reconstruction

  1. That reconstruction is fantastic. Do they have a tentative launch date?

    • It’s a really great project, isn’t it?! I think they are hoping to launch in the summer of 2020, although the ship won’t be operational for passengers until 2021. Not that far off!

  2. Beautiful. Are the wooden blocks made of ironwood?


    Rob Robison