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Seth’s photo of me on the cover of Ocean Navigator!

Good news on the publication front: two of Seth’s images were out recently, one as a cover shot (!) and one as a double-page spread, accompanied by a short article I wrote. The cover image is above – of me tending the spinnaker at the end of a good day’s sailing across Shelikof Strait, which separates Kodiak Island and the Alaska Peninsula. As you can see, it graces last month’s cover of Ocean Navigator magazine 🙂

The double-page spread was an “under-over” (half underwater) shot of me snorkeling below CELESTE, an image we worked hard to get over the course of our last season’s sailing. My article tells the story of getting the image. It was in the January-February issue of Cruising World magazine. Here’s the PDF of it!

20 thoughts on “Photo publication news

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  2. That was a great over/under picture. I love how the sunlight is shimmering on you. I’m glad you keep photography a “passion and not an obsession”. Thanks for sharing your good work. Congratulations on the articles.

  3. KUDOS!!!

  4. What a stunning image of you swimming under your boat! Wow

  5. Fantastic photo!

  6. Rather than freelancing, have you ever thought of getting several of these publications to pay you a monthly stipend for steady income and in return for several articles each year? I don’t know if this is workable, but it’s a thought.

    • Cool idea, thanks for suggesting! I’m not sure that’s really how most of these magazines operate but worth thinking on – thanks!

  7. COVER GIRL!!! This is so awesome. You rock, Ellen. Love Mary


  8. Lots of congratulations! For getting published, for making the cover page, but especially for that over/under shot! I am still trying to capture these with my dome lens without great success… very envious!

    • Thanks so much, Chris!
      Aren’t under-overs hard?! Keep on keeping on – we keep maybe one in a hundred… Your underwater shots are marvelous so all you need is a nice calm day 🙂

  9. Oh the cover is marvelous, but the story and over/under photo even more so! Hope you two are doing grandly!! love to all, Scott