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Gone Floatabout Videos


I’m getting ready to upload another video episode from our Alaska voyage, so stay tuned for that in the next few days 🙂 Since it’s been a while since the last episode, I’ve put together a new page that has all the video episodes embedded, in order. You can find it under Media > Videos. Here’s the link. You’ll find the most recent episode (no. 8) at the bottom with thumbnail of the bears. Bear close-up

Author: Ellen

sailor, writer, photographer

6 thoughts on “Gone Floatabout Videos

  1. Great photography! Thanks again. I loved your sea star and bears. Great sailboat action picture with the mountains in the background. Keep the good work up. You’ll deserve another award!!

    • Thank you Don! So glad you enjoyed – we were especially excited about how the bear photography and footage turned out, and we got lucky to have the weather to shoot the boat sailing!

  2. Ellen, Seth, love following your adventures. Congratulations. I’m with you all the way. One small suggestion. Could you stay a little longer with your map before each trip. Maybe point out the different stops?

    • Thank you, Jo Ann – it’s nice to hear from you and great to hear you enjoy the videos! To be honest, it would get too long and involved for most people if we pointed out every stop, but I think the next video’s maps linger a little longer on the screen at least! Thanks very much for the suggestion and thanks for watching! Hope all’s well with you!

  3. Kathy & I are on our way to The Marquesas to sail a 46’ cat to Fakarava!

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