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Series in Water Craft magazine


WaterCraft Dinghy1I’m excited to have a new series of articles in Water Craft magazine. Water Craft is a British publication that comes out every two months and has some really high quality writing and photography. My series is called “Adventures with Dinghy” and chronicles just that – good explorations all around the world in the little rowboat. Some of the most fun to be had on big voyages is to jump in the dinghy once we’ve reached an anchorage and explore at an even slower(!) pace and even closer to the water, whether we’re heading up a river overhung with enormous mangroves, dodging sea ice in the Arctic Ocean, checking out a dive site in a coral lagoon, or tempting fate with the grizzly bears fishing in an Alaskan estuary.

The first of my series is out in the current issue of Water Craft – it tells the story of exploring a strange wreck in the Bahamas. Next up will be dolphins in New Zealand!

4 thoughts on “Series in Water Craft magazine

  1. Congrats!!!

  2. Congratulations – when are you able to post the article on your website?

    • Thank you! I won’t be able to post a PDF until at least the next issue comes out… so there’ll be a lag of a couple months unfortunately. It’s great fun to be doing a series, though, so there’ll be more to come every few months!