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Alaska Voyage Video 8: The Alaska Peninsula


Another episode in our video series!

Our last video covered the start to our 2016 sailing season, in Dutch Harbor Alaska, in which we tackled the most necessary repairs to CELESTE following a typhoon. In this episode, with the boat in sailing condition, we set off to retrace our outward (2014) route back to Washington State. Leaving the Bering Sea behind, we sail along the Alaska Peninsula, one of the state’s most primeval-feeling and least known coasts. Volcanoes smoke, brown bears pace the shore, waterfalls tumble down cliffs, tides run strong, and glaciers gleam white in the sun. Hope you enjoy Episode 8!

P.S. I’ve also created a playlist for our Arctic Voyage, including the ‘trailer’ and Episodes 1-6 which cover our 2015 journey from Dutch Harbor to Point Barrow on the North Slope and return.

Author: Ellen

sailor, writer, photographer

7 thoughts on “Alaska Voyage Video 8: The Alaska Peninsula

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  2. Loved sailing with the two of you in the Alaskan waters … albeit, vicariously! Kudos to Martha … beautiful performances!

  3. Hi guys, really enjoyed this video. Nice to see you, the boat sailing and the bears!

  4. So beautiful! I cannot wait to get there someday…

    I especially loved the bear footage and Celeste sailing at the end.

    • Thank you! So glad you liked it! It was super cool to be able to see the bear and get that footage (we hadn’t taken any video when we first sailed to that area, hence all the still photos in the middle of the video). And we got lucky to get a nice day to take the sailing footage! It’s a little tricky to film from a rowing dinghy, but worth it! Hope you can get up there someday – it’s awesome!

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