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Not too late for summer reading!


It will probably come as no surprise that I love to read about outdoor adventures, ashore and afloat. So when we finished our summer’s sailing this year and received our big stack of waiting mail, I was excited to see the Summer issue of Misadventures magazine.


Of course it’s always fun to see my own writing in print, but what I enjoy even more is seeing what else is in the magazines. This issue was full of interesting tales of guiding on the Inca Trail, becoming a park ranger in retirement, and advocating for public lands as well as fun stuff like a recipe for campfire Bibimbap. The theme of the issue was Landfall, which is of course a central part of offshore sailing (or at least, one hopes so!) My own piece was about the magic of landfall to a seafarer, that exhilarating – and sometimes bittersweet – moment when you first sight land on the horizon after days or weeks at sea. 

Misadventures is written by all kinds of adventuresome women and I was honored to be among them this summer. The magazine was started to celebrate women and the outdoors, and while it’s certainly inspirational to women and girls, it’s also just a good read about the great outdoors and great pursuits!  The Landfall issue is still available in stores, or on the magazine’s website. And while most of the print articles aren’t online, the site has lots of other interesting stories!


5 thoughts on “Not too late for summer reading!

  1. You are a well known person, and admired world wide . You never can tell when and where you will be greeted by an old aquantance. There are thousands of people keeping track of you both and would love to meet and talk of your travels, we do like to hear what you are up to next, keep up the stories CHEERS BEERS AND FAIR WINDS.

  2. Hi Ellen!

    My name is Robin Potter and I am currently a junior at Phillips Exeter Academy. About a year ago I was reading Cruising World and stumbled upon one of your articles. After finishing the article I couldn’t believe that the author had gone to the same high school as me! I have been interested in sailing for as long as I can remember and would love to complete a circumnavigation one day. Learning about someone who graduated from Exeter and took such a non alternative career path was really inspiring for me.

    As you probably remember, at Exeter there are weekly assemblies with guest speakers who come and address (almost) the whole school. Would you ever be interested in giving an assembly talk about your experiences sailing around the world or in the arctic? It would be great to have an alum come talk about a non traditional path they followed after graduating from Exeter.

    If you are interested let me know and I will contact the assembly planning committee. They are currently organizing next year’s assemblies.



    • I meant to say “an alternative career path” not “a non alternative career path.” Sorry about that!

    • Hi Robin,
      Thanks very much for getting in touch! I’ve responded to you by email (and I took out your address from your comment for your privacy). I’d be very honored to speak at Exeter! The assemblies I remember were given by some remarkable people – Dan Brown might be the most memorable, but I was fascinated by the stories of pretty much everyone who came to speak. So thank you for reaching out!
      All the best,