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Thank you for your patience…


Hi everyone!

Thanks for your patience with our lack of blog posts this summer! We were (predictably) off sailing and have only just now returned to the land of fast internet. Baja sunset

I have to admit that (barring a few frustrations with getting our work sent off), we both enjoyed being so disconnected and unplugged for so long. I know it sounds ridiculously cheesy, but it really allowed us to focus on “the present” in a way that just doesn’t happen when we have Wifi and mobile data…. So the challenge now is to maintain that mental state while also being connected again.

That said, it’s been great fun to check my email (yes, you read that right – I hadn’t checked one of my accounts in literally 4 months!) and read all the wonderful comments from our readers! Thank you all for your kind words and positive thoughts! I’ll respond to them all right after this post!

And then I hope to start writing here fairly regularly again.

Thanks again to all our lovely readers, and wishing you all a happy fall (or spring if you’re in the southern hemisphere!),

Ellen & Seth

Author: Ellen

sailor, writer, photographer

4 thoughts on “Thank you for your patience…

  1. Welcome back! Look forward to hearing how your summer adventures went. 🙂

  2. Glad you two are OK. I was afraid something bad had happened.
    Welcome back.

    Rob Robison

    • Thanks! And thank you for your concern! No, fortunately nothing bad happened, though I didn’t realize exactly how difficult/non-existent internet would be in the places we sailed this summer! I probably would have posted something about going MIA for a while otherwise!

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