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Stories in Print Around the World


It’s been great to see my sailing articles in magazines all around the world this spring. Starting over in Great Britain, my piece about voyaging to the Alaskan Arctic in a wooden (cold-molded) boat was featured in the beautiful publication Classic Boat. Here is a PDF of the article which appeared in the April edition.


Across the Pond, in New England, Ocean Navigator featured my article “A Penchant for the Primitive” about our twelve years voyaging aboard rather primitive boats. (I’ll preempt the obvious comment that our boats have been primitive by modern standards, not by, say, the standards of Captain Cook or the Spanish Armada…). Here is a PDF of the article which appeared in the May/June issue.


Seth navigating

Seth navigating. No, nautical charts aren’t just décor for seaside B&Bs…

Also on the East Coast, Cruising World magazine’s April issue published one of my shots as their “Big Photo”, alongside a short piece I wrote about a magical encounter with orca whales in Alaska. The piece is now online here.


Orca surfacing off Kodiak Island (this was not the “big photo” in the magazine – you’ll have to click on the link above for that! 🙂

Jumping all the way across the Pacific to Australia, I was most honored to be asked to be one of the contributors to the very first edition of Sister Ship magazine, celebrating women sailors. As I’ve been excited about our new-to-us stacking dinghy this year, I decided to write a piece entitled “My Perfect Dinghy”. You can buy the digital magazine here and I’ll let you know when I have a PDF to share. Congratulations to Jackie and Shelley and everyone who has made this magazine become a reality! Here’s to many more issues! cropped-kelp-and-dinghy.jpg

8 thoughts on “Stories in Print Around the World

  1. Ellen — I’, so delighted to see your stories in print. They read very well and your photos make the layouts dazzling. Hooray.

    • Hello Sandra,
      Hope you’ve had a good summer! Only just now seeing your comment as we’ve really been that disconnected for the last few months! So glad you liked the articles and photos – they were fun to write/shoot!
      All the best,

  2. Great to see the world is at last recognising you, I told you that would happen, good to see itin print , cheers MR T .

  3. We devoured your articles, Ellen! Great in particular to read about Heretic and Celeste. What a good choice of images to illustrate the conditions… Well done!

  4. Thank you Ellen, great reading.

    • Thanks so much! Hope you’ve had a good summer – sorry for the super late reply to your comment – only just now reconnecting to Wifi for the first time in months!