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Arctic Voyage Video 6: Three Weeks at Sea from the Arctic to the Aleutians


Here is the 6th episode of our Arctic Voyage video series!

The Arctic Ocean and the Bering Sea are in their stormy autumn moods as we sail back to Dutch Harbor from Point Barrow (71.4°N) in September 2015. We encounter 900 nautical miles of rough weather to Nunivak Island where even worse weather demands anchor watches. Then another 450 miles to Dutch Harbor… but we make it, spotting fin whales along the way and witnessing the salmon run on Unalaska Island before returning to work for the winter.

This is our last video from the Arctic, and from the 2015 sailing season. More to come (eventually!) from the following year when we sailed back to Washington State from Dutch Harbor! Hope you enjoy!

If you haven’t already seen the earlier episodes and would like to, here they are:

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6 thoughts on “Arctic Voyage Video 6: Three Weeks at Sea from the Arctic to the Aleutians

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  3. Every time we see one of your videos we think we should learn to do this too! Such a good way of recording and sharing your experiences! Looks like a pretty rough and long passage!

    • Glad to hear you liked it! I really enjoy putting these episodes together, though sometimes getting the footage in the first place requires serious motivation, especially on passages like this one!