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Arctic Voyage Video 5: Arctic Ocean and North Slope, Alaska


Here is the 5th episode of our Arctic Voyage video series!

This episode brings us to the very top of America at Point Barrow, Alaska in the Arctic Ocean in August 2015. We sail through high winds and seas, reach Barrow in similar conditions, and then explore the area when the weather finally moderates. We visit a climate scientist on his lonely islet, accompany Barrow’s last sled dog team on their summer exercises, and sail among brash ice at the edge of the polar ice cap.

It’s been a couple of months since the last video posting, so here are the previous episodes:

Episode 1: Dutch Harbor, Aleutian Islands, Alaska, June 2015:

Episode 2: Bering Sea – Pribilof Islands:

Episode 3: Bering Sea – Nome, Alaska:

Episode 4: Bering Strait and Arctic Circle to Point Hope, Alaska: \

Hope you enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Arctic Voyage Video 5: Arctic Ocean and North Slope, Alaska

  1. Fabulous! That reminds me, I must get round to changing my oil soon too! 😉

  2. Thanks for sharing. That is extreme sailing! I loved the part of rowing the dinghy among the ice chunks. You do good work with that video camera. Thanks again.

    • Wonderful to hear your feedback! So glad you enjoyed it and that it gives a sense of what it’s like out there on board Celeste! Our time up in the far north has got to be one of the big highlights of all our voyaging.

  3. Looks like you are still enjoying life and getting where you want to be, really a great adventure but looks so cold. Carry on safely, cheers.

    • Thank you, Terry! It was an amazing adventure, for sure! (Despite the cold!) I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to produce and post the videos – this is actually all from our 2015 voyage to the Arctic. I’ll resume my posts about our current voyage down the West Coast to Mexico very soon here!
      All the best,

  4. Bravo!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. You do a great job with the videos guys! Great way to share activities and surroundings.