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San Francisco, October 2017


Waves at Crissy Field

Apologies that it’s been so long since my post about the passage down to San Francisco. After the excitement (both good and bad – see earlier post) of coming under the Golden Gate Bridge, we enjoyed a week of being anchored off Sausalito among local live-aboard characters and fellow transient voyagers. The anchorage itself was a little rolly, exposed as it is to the whole bay across to San Francisco, but you can’t argue with a free place to keep a boat in California.

San Francisco in moonlight

First evening anchored in San Francisco

Neither can you argue with a superb spot from which to view the Blue Angels airshow! We had arrived just in time for Fleet Week and the acrobatics of the Navy fighter jets:

Fleet Week airshow

Airshow over San Francisco

Fleet Week airshow-2

US Navy Blue Angels passing right overhead

For the rest of our time in Richardson Bay, we worked (we quickly discovered Sausalito’s lovely public library), did various chores, and caught up with lots of friends. The Bay Area was having a real heat wave while we were there, nothing at all like the kind of cool, October weather I remembered from my childhood.

Then it was time to cross the Bay to the city itself, where we were going to attend the Cruising Club of America’s (CCA) Fall Meeting and dinner.

E&S at CCA Fall Reception

Enjoying the CCA Fall Dinner. Photo by Dick Enersen.*

We both had a good time at the dinner and in the days around it, seeing more old friends – including a childhood friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen in nearly 20 years! -, exploring the city, and taking walks along Crissy Field.


Redwood in San Francisco Botanic Garden

Waves at Crissy Field

Golden Gate Bridge seen from Crissy Field

Unfortunately, during our time in San Francisco, the wildfires started that have been so devastating for Northern California. We woke up the morning after they’d begun, disoriented by the sun glowing deep red behind all the smoke and with CELESTE covered in ash. I was very worried for the people I know who live in the area affected by the fires, and fortunately they were all okay, although one of them lost his home. It was certainly a tough autumn for poor California.

Golden Gate traffic in the smoke

Smoke from the wildfires over San Francisco Bay

We had originally arranged to sail CELESTE up the Napa River and haul her out for bottom painting there, but we decided to change our plans when the fires started. So instead, after the CCA event, we turned the bow west to sail back through the Golden Gate. This time the whole waterway was clear of traffic and we could enjoy the moment thoroughly, in full daylight with a light westerly breeze.

Trimming the jib, sailing for the Golden Gate

Trimming the jib, departing San Francisco

*Used under Personal Use License.

13 thoughts on “San Francisco, October 2017

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  2. Brings back happy memories of our visits together during this trip!
    So exciting Hawaii is now part of your life.

  3. What?! I was there at during time, and around Sausalito! How did we miss each other?! Thanks for posting.

  4. Holy smoke, you guys were there when I was riding my bike down the coast, that fire was almost the end of me but you can’t complain about the weather, it was perfection 🙂

    • Holy smoke is right! Those fires were horrendous, and came up so, so quickly. True about the otherwise gorgeous weather, though – don’t remember ever having such warm days in San Francisco before!

  5. Sounds like you had a good time of refreshment. Thanks again.

  6. Been loving your postings for quite a while. We live in PWS, Cordova. Really enjoyed all your Alaska post. There’s a sailing school I attended in the late 90′ in Sausalito. Our day of school we spent the night in Richardson Bay. The view of SF brought back great memories. Thanks, Bill

    • Thank you, Bill! PWS is one of our favorite places (all of Alaska is, of course!), although unfortunately we never made it to Cordova – maybe someday! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying our posts and thanks for writing!

  7. Wow once again, Ellen and Seth. I love your work, and enjoyed showing it to cruising friends (Newfoundland) of ours down here South of the Border.