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Arctic Voyage Video 4: Arctic Circle and Bering Strait


I just uploaded our 4th episode of our Arctic Voyage video series! Hope you enjoy!

This episode covers sailing from Nome, Alaska through the Bering Strait and across the Arctic Circle to Point Hope in July 2015. We have a rather rough passage in cold fog until north winds cause an unplanned stop at the longest continuously inhabited village in North America. As so often happens, the best experiences are the unexpected ones, and here we become immersed in the subsistence culture of Alaska’s North Slope. With south winds finally in the forecast, we end the video explaining how to read sea-ice charts and weather files downloaded by satellite phone.

6 thoughts on “Arctic Voyage Video 4: Arctic Circle and Bering Strait

  1. Great way of showing people how things look on a passage and the weather mapping. Will have to intersperse a few videos in our posts!

  2. Thanks for sharing the planning and strategy that goes into sailing. That’s a part we don’t hear much about. The whalebone house was wild with the seasonal entrances. Thanks again.

    • You’re most welcome! I’m glad you liked the planning / weather routing part. It’s definitely a big part of our life! And the whalebone house was one of the huge highlights of our time in the Arctic.

  3. I think episode 3 was my favorite one. I loved the action and sounds. The only thing missing was the smell of the ocean. Your shots of the musk oxen and duck family were fantastic. Riding your friends bicycles gave an up close feel. And thanks for sharing a bit of your home life aboard. You guys are great!.

    • Thanks so much, Don! You made our day! It’s a ton of fun to put these videos together, but also a lot of work, so wonderful to hear how much you liked it!!