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2017 in Photos


Happy new year, Gone Floatabout readers!

Like last year, I’ve put together a little “year in review”, with some of the highlights (or not so high lights) of 2017 aboard Celeste:

Winter was one of the not so high lights…. Living aboard Celeste in Washington State as the Pacific Northwest saw one of its coldest winters in years:


Cold day in Port Angeles, living aboard Celeste

And I managed to get caught in an avalanche when we went to Switzerland for Seth’s PhD defense. I was very lucky not to be buried… and to be only moderately injured. I did enjoy some great skiing before my avalanche, but it’s debatable whether or not it was worth it…

Ellen skiing in Valais

Me having a great time in the powder just fifteen minutes before the avalanche

And Seth successfully became Dr Leonard:

Seth's thesis defense

Seth defending his PhD dissertation before the panel, Geneva, Switzerland. Photo thanks to Jeff Dickinson.

As soon as Spring arrived, we got outta Dodge and sailed for my much-loved Alaska. We reached Petersburg in time for Viking Fest and to hike in the still-snow-covered mountains:

Viking Fest

Viking Fest (I’m on the right, about to be served mac & cheese by the Viking lady)

Snowman on Mt Petersburg

Ellen and my snowman near the summit of Mt Petersburg

Summer arrived on our Gulf of Alaska crossing: for me, there’s nothing better than long summer days spent in beautiful Alaska.

Celeste in Kenai Fjords

Celeste in Kenai Fjords National Park

I’m not sure whether the salmon fishing, the wildlife, or the mountains and glaciers were the biggest highlights.

My big pink salmon

Big salmon for dinner!

Bear portrait

Bears like salmon too!

Celeste and tidewater glacier

Celeste at a tidewater glacier

Fall descended sooner than I expected while were still up on the outer coast of the Gulf of Alaska:

St Elias Range

A rare still, clear morning in Yakutat, Alaska

But we managed to chase the tail end of summer south to British Columbia and Washington before making a direct passage to San Francisco.

Fall Colors in the Olympics

Fall colors in the Olympic mountains, Washington State

Waves at Crissy Field

Golden Gate Bridge seen from Crissy Field

So far, with Celeste in Southern California, it looks like Winter this year will be the first time since our circumnavigation that it won’t really feel like winter.

Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican off California coast

Sending all my readers best wishes for a happy and healthy 2018!


10 thoughts on “2017 in Photos

  1. Ellen and Seth, I’ve noticed that your Hailing Port on the back of CELESTE is Brooklin, ME. We have spent some time in that lovely area the past four early summers. We’re not sailing anymore, but have trailed our Airstream RV to Brooklin for some glasswork at the nearby MARITIME ACADEMY. We spent a lot of time with locals Lori and Paul Gallo at their new campground. Know them?

    • Thanks for getting in touch! Haven’t spent much time in Brooklin in recent years – choosing a hailing port for Celeste wasn’t easy because we were living in Switzerland when I bought her, but she is of course an American boat, as neither of us is Swiss. But neither did it feel right to put a random West Coast town on the transom, that we didn’t have ties to… So we chose Brooklin, which is where Seth and I had met back in 2006. Celeste herself has actually never been there! It is indeed a lovely area; enjoy your time in Maine with the RV. Happy holidays!

  2. Wow, what a year! Where are you headed in 2018?

    • Thanks, Jeff! We’re headed down to Baja with the boat – to the Sea of Cortez. We’ve never been, and are really looking forward to it!

  3. Great photos. I have followed your blog for nearly a year now (or maybe more) and find it fascinating. Linda

  4. Great summary! Hope you are recovering from your avalanche accident! Scary stuff.

    • Thanks! Yes, it’s taken many months to recover, but I’m doing well now. I haven’t tried skiing again – that’ll be the big test!

  5. Love all the pics! Hope you’ve recovered fully from the avalanche. What are you up to in socal over the winter? Miss you!