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Arctic Voyage Video: Episode 3


A few months ago, Cruising World magazine picked up the series of videos we’d made of our 2015 voyage to the Alaskan Arctic. I also posted the first three – the “trailer” and Episodes 1 and 2 – here on this blog and on YouTube. Then we were busy sailing, so I didn’t get around to posting Episode 3 until now. But here it is! Hope you enjoy!

Pribilofs to Nome, Bering Sea, Alaska (July 2015)

Four days sailing north across the Bering Sea to reach the gold-rush town of Nome where we meet today’s miners, try to catch a salmon, spot nesting birds, and encounter herds of muskoxen – a true denizen of the Arctic.

And because it’s been so long since Episodes 1 and 2, here they are again as well:

8 thoughts on “Arctic Voyage Video: Episode 3

  1. Hi Ellen,

    We recently completed this big vanlife graphic https://mightygoods.com/vanlife

    Now we are making a new, similar graphic about people who sail around the world!

    Hope you have a time to fill out this quick form, so we can include you in the graphic.



    • Hi Julie,
      Thanks for your comment and for wanting to include us in your graphic! I’ve filled out the survey – hope it got to you!

  2. Nice to see a mix of wildlife, sailing and inside Celeste. We’ll have to be brave and start filming ourselves! Still sticking to photos for now. Take care.

    • Thanks, guys! It’s funny – even after doing all these videos, I’m still a little on the fence about it. I’m glad we did it for our Arctic trip, but I haven’t kept it up nearly as well since then and I don’t really miss it. It’s quite a lot of work and, while it’s fun in it’s own way, it’s also fun just to enjoy your experiences without a record of them, if you know what I mean. Thanks for watching and commenting! Happy sailing!

      • Hey Ellen,

        Interesting you say that – I feel the same way. I’ve been trying to record some video of my various travels over the last year or so and I have just failed to – it takes away from the moment I find if I’m faffing about with equipment so I just don’t bother (and also the editing scares me with the time it takes). I have to have my camera out and to hand as well, or I won’t take photos.

        Writing after the fact just feels more natural.

        • Hi Matt,

          That’s basically the conclusion I’ve come to as well. I enjoy writing after I’ve had some time to mull things over and get a little distance from an experience – I think (hope!) it makes the writing better and it gives me a chance to relive experiences and get more out them. When we were doing the filming for these Arctic videos, I started to think of the filming itself as its own experience, which was a lot of fun too, in a different way. But we also made sure not to film everything and to put the camera down a lot in order to savor moments as they are, without a lens between us and the present.

          So I don’t regret it, and I’m glad we’ve got the completed videos – both as sort of souvenirs for ourselves and as a really good way to share our life on the boat with family and friends. But I find I’m happier just enjoying our experiences rather than worrying about capturing enough footage to make a coherent video later. And of course you’re right – the editing is daunting – enormous amount of time and effort – so that’s got to be something you actually enjoy doing. I actually do like it – it’s fun to puzzle out what to put where and when to cut and how to transition between scenes – but again, I’d rather actually be sailing!!

          Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment – interesting thread we have going!

          Happy sailing!