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Arctic Voyage VIDEOS!


We’ve made the foray into videos! And Cruising World magazine has picked them up for their website! They’ve posted the first two Arctic Voyage videos so far here, and they’ll roll out one episode per month hereafter.

A big thank-you goes out to our amazing friends Chris and Jess Bray for persuading us to start taking footage in 2015 (you guys are right – it’s super fun!) and to our awesome friend Jeff for getting me into editing!

So here’s our first attempt – a short “trailer” that gives some context to our Arctic Voyage episodes:

Hope you enjoy! And feel free to sign up for our Gone Floatabout YouTube channel where we’ll post the episodes after they’re live on Cruising World‘s site!


Ellen & Seth


10 thoughts on “Arctic Voyage VIDEOS!

  1. Fantastic ! So happy see you guys travelling & exploring the world.

  2. Fantastic! Love it! Can’t wait to see more. 🙂

  3. Hi guys, it was great to see you again in Alaska long time since Figi. We hope you will be safe with great success on your future endeavors. We plan on spending the summer around Vancouver island aboard Adelia. Cheers fair winds and following seas. Kip and Denise

    • It was great to see you guys too! And fun to reminisce about Savusavu! Are you around the Vancouver Island area this spring? It’d be fun to see you again before we head out (wherever we’re going, not sure yet!).

  4. Videos! That ‘s another project for us to get into once I have the time to learn recording and editing … may be once we live aboard! It certainly gives another dimension to your adventures. Well done guys!

    • Thanks, Chris! It’s a lot of fun! I was hesitant to start – takes time away from still photography, and more importantly, from just enjoying what we came out here to do! As well as the huge amount of storage videos take up – but I’m really glad our friends persuaded us. Turns out I really enjoy taking the footage and doing the editing, and it’s fun to have another souvenir for ourselves and another way to show our friends and family what life is like onboard. Glad you enjoyed them – I look forward to yours once you get into it!

  5. Thanks! I enjoy your posts and now your video.