Gone Floatabout

Lucky to live on a boat!



Thanks for visiting Gone Floatabout! We’re two young outdoor enthusiasts –  who love oceans, mountains, adventure, and photography. We sailed around the world from 2006 – 2010 on an old boat that needed a lot of TLC. Then we moved to the Alps, which was an incredible experience, but we really missed the ocean. So we found another old boat and made a voyage to the Arctic. A little over ten years since we met and made our first big voyage, we still love sailing, each other, and the old boat. Of course we’re more experienced now than when we first left the dock as college kids who’d never been offshore… but our adventures continue to be full of wonderful challenges, people, wildlife, and unexpected moments!  So come ‘floatabout’ with us as we share all this here 🙂

Author: Ellen & Seth

Two young circumnavigators voyaging to Alaska and the Arctic aboard our classic sailboat.

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