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Stories in Print!


Hi everyone,

Sorry it’s been so long since our last blog post! It’s been a busy few months since we tied up to the dock in Port Angeles, Washington back in August, but we hope to post more soon – we have some pretty pictures of backpacking in the Alps to share as well as some boring shots of boat repairs….  In the meantime, here’s a little news of our recent published pieces for those of you who are interested. 🙂

First off, the editor of Ocean Navigator surprised us when an image Seth had taken of me appeared on the cover of the most recent issue! on237_cover

Seth snapped this in the Aleutian Islands in 2015 – I’m organizing our many paper charts for the voyage we made to the Alaskan Arctic and the northernmost tip of America. I don’t have any pieces in this November/December issue, but lots of my earlier Ocean Navigator articles are now available online: “An Unusual High Latitude Vessel: What worked and what didn’t aboard a cold-molded classic“, “Managing Seasickness“, my contribution to “Voyagers’ Favorite Apps“, and “Two Hands on Deck“, a piece in the 2016 annual special edition Ocean Voyager.

I was also very flattered to be asked to be a judge for this year’s Chuck Husick Marine Technology Award, given each year by Ocean Navigator. The finalists are in and are all really innovative and interesting – tough to choose among so many great nominees! You can read about them here!

Cruising World is coming out with several of my stories this winter but in the meantime a piece from this summer is now online here, although I think the original print version – a double-page spread! – looks even better. 🙂 The photo was also the cover shot for the Ocean Cruising Club‘s biannual publication Flying Fish!

Last but not least, here’s my piece 10 Items for Cold Weather Sailing that came out in Blue Water Sailing this summer.

There’s lots more published stories and pretty pictures on our Articles and Photography pages if you’re interested!


14 thoughts on “Stories in Print!

  1. Love the cover and excited for your articles!

  2. Congrats on your publications! Love the picture at the top of your blog with the huskies 🙂

    • Thank you, Ellen! The huskies were super fun – they’re the last remaining sled-dog team in Barrow, AK – an earlier generation of that team actually went all the way to the North Pole!

  3. Well done, sailing sister! I love that you have your articles available on your blog. Can I ask, how do you get nice PDF copies of them? I have a couple out in Cruising Outpost and Mainsheet (a Catalina magazine), and I’d enjoy being able to share them. Feel free to email a reply if it makes more sense. Also, let us know if you want to hook up with any of our friends in Seattle! ~Jessie

  4. I love the photo of you on the cover of Ocean Navigator! As well as the two page spread of Celeste in the ice! Can’t wait to read the other articles!

  5. Just spent a very enjoyable time reading through your articles. Great material and so much experience you share!

    • Thanks so much, Chris! I always enjoy your pieces, too – still have the underwater photo tips one bookmarked so I can refer to it when (if) we finally get somewhere warm enough to snorkel!

  6. Fabulous. I now have lots to read through while I am at work! 😉

  7. Fantastic output of stories and acknowledgement of your achievements by the sailing community. Hooray.