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New articles and an award from the Cruising Club of America!


I’m excited to share a bunch more articles that have come out this winter and spring! For those of you who like pretty pictures, out right now in Cruising World‘s June/July issue is a double-page spread of Celeste in the sea ice of the Arctic Ocean – it’s an ‘under-over’ shot (half underwater) but no, we didn’t go swimming to take it – just leaned over the gunwale of the dinghy! Rowing in Ice

For the practically minded, Blue Water Sailing just published (June issue) my piece “10 Items to Make Cold Weather Sailing More Comfortable”. I’ll post the PDF once the magazine’s no longer on newsstands, but in the meantime, what would be on your list?

For the technically minded, Ocean Navigator‘s July/August issue is just out with “An Unusual High Latitude Vessel” about what worked and what didn’t in terms of Celeste‘s design, construction, refit, and systems.


And in Ocean Navigator‘s special annual edition Ocean Voyager (which is still in bookstores and marine stores if you’d like to read it in print), was my piece “Two Hands on Deck” about short-handed passagemaking. I was also super thrilled to see my friend Katie Thomsen on the cover! Her interview in the blue water gear section is really good!

Other articles and photos came out earlier this year: in April, Seth’s photo was the cover shot(!!) for British magazine WaterCraft and one of my shots lead off the feature article; in January, Cruising World featured my article “Picture Perfect Indian Ocean”  and in December, my more technical piece “Luxury on 120 Amp Hours”; and my photo of Celeste was the cover shot (*more big smiles!*) of Pacific Yachting‘s holiday issue in which my article about the Aleutians was the center feature! And my piece about outfitting for high latitudes that had been published in October was posted to Blue Water Sailing‘s website.

Most exciting was that I was honored to receive the Cruising Club of America’s Charles H. Vilas Literary Award at the club’s Awards Dinner in New York in March! The prize was a huge honor, but meeting all the many fascinating people and accomplished sailors at the dinner was really wonderful. I met Arctic voyagers, circumnavigators, sailors who had performed an amazing rescue of a Thai fisherman whose boat had sunk, racers who’d cruised and raced their wooden sloop hundreds of thousands of miles to incredible places throughout the world, and the many amazing volunteers that make the Cruising Club and all it does function: people who run Safety at Sea seminars, offshore race organizers, and the people who put together and publish the club’s magazine and newsletters. So many wonderful memories from a wonderful evening!

Ellen receives Charles H. Vilas Literary Prize from Commodore James Binch

Receiving my award from the CCA commodore



17 thoughts on “New articles and an award from the Cruising Club of America!

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  3. AS VIKI said FANTASTIC, CONGRATS and much moore ,

  4. So glad to see you are rewarded for all your amazing stories, you deserve it all and MUCH MORE

  5. Congratulations on a richly deserved award!

  6. Impressive, very impressive! Good for you! Congratulations on your recent pubs and your award. Cheers, Jessie & Neil

  7. Wow, amazing. Well done! You guys are cruising some pretty awesome places. inspirational stuff!

  8. KUDOS for all your published works and a big CONGRATULATIONS on your literary award!!! It is wonderful that your contributions to the sailing/cruising world are being recognized!

    • Thanks so much, guys! It definitely felt wonderful to be honored with the award and of course it’s always a thrill to see my work in print!!
      Hope you’re both well!
      All best wishes from The Last Frontier!

  9. Huge congratulations on the portfolio of articles and the award. In the process of reading them and looking forward to you posting the latest. All really impressive!

  10. Fantastic! Congratulations. Well deserved.
    I’m looking forward to clicking all those links and reading your articles.