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Swiss Hiking at its finest!


04 Wonderland

We’ll wrap up our arctic sailing adventures soon, but first a brief interlude of land-locked goodness! We actually spend most of the year working in Switzerland, so we grab a Saturday here and there to do some hiking and skiing in the gorgeous Alps. We had beautiful hiking weather this past fall and set out to find some golden larches right after the first snowfall. Check out more photos on ZEAL Optics blog! Click here or on this link: http://blog.zealoptics.com/post/140634392619/swiss-hiking-at-its-finest-experience-first

6 thoughts on “Swiss Hiking at its finest!

  1. Wow for someone who has not walked in snow these are terrific scenery shots, thank you

    • Thanks so much, Terry! We had some beautiful early snowfalls this year while it was still warm enough for hiking up high in the mountains. The photo ops were pretty special!

  2. Wow, that’s stunning! I’d looove to ski and hike in the Alps.