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Last day to help Seth raise funds to fight cancer!


MustacheOnce again, a big thank-you to all of you who have already supported Seth’s fund-raising campaign to fight cancer!  We really appreciate your contributions!!

Today’s the last day of the campaign, so there’s still time if you’d like to donate: http://mobro.co/sethleonard

The drive is for the Movember Foundation, which supports men’s health – in particular prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and the effects of physical inactivity.  Throughout November Seth has participated in both the Movember mustache campaign and the MOVE challenge to do something physical every day.  Mostly that’s been nighttime runs after work, but there’s been a few hikes thrown in and even one day skiing after a nice snowfall.

If you feel able to donate, please go to http://mobro.co/sethleonard.  Thanks so much!!

3 thoughts on “Last day to help Seth raise funds to fight cancer!

  1. Hi E&S, I have a question as I haven’t found an answer yet in your writings. How did you find Celeste? What a wonderful boat! Inspiring! Thanks, Scott

    • Hi Scott, We found her on the Internet! We had very narrow search parameters so that helped to uncover her from the thousands of listings. We were very lucky to find her, though – I’m not sure how often classics like this come up – Celeste’s owner was getting up in years so had decided to sell and we just came along at the right moment!

      Thanks for reading – I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the blog!