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Pausing the blog


Wind getting strongerThank you for your interest in our voyage! Unfortunately, it can be expensive and difficult (or impossible) to keep up the blog in the remote villages and uninhabited islands to which we sail. So for the next couple of months we are pausing the blog and will try to post updates when/if we have a chance.  Otherwise, we will catch it up in the fall when we return to our home base and a constant WiFi connection! We appreciate your patience and hope you’ll check back again then!  We also appreciate your comments and will respond to them as soon as we can!

(At the time of this writing, JUNE 30, 2015, we are about to depart Dutch Harbor, Alaska.)

16 thoughts on “Pausing the blog

  1. A well deserved award,good on you, keep up the good work.

  2. Hey there Seth and Ellen- My name is Will Watson and I have been shooting a Film about Jesse Osborn who has recently completed the Passage West to East. He is a great asset on the Passage and I highly recommend that you check out his blog at Empiricusembarks.com. Good luck on your Arctic travels

  3. You both are amazing sailors. I am so glad to have meet you both at the Miami Boatshow 2014. We are along for the ride and the adventure. We are NOT as brave.

    • We’re so glad to have met you too! How has your summer been? We’ve had a great time up north and are scrambling to winterize now before getting back to work. Will start updating the blog soon! Hope you’re well and hi to Radeen!

  4. Excited that you get to be in the position to not have access! Enjoy!

  5. Hey Guys,
    Hope you have a good trip, be safe. Just got promoted so Sophia and I will be moving to Arviat, Nunavut (sw coast of Hudson Bay), just south of Baker Lake. If you’re still going through the NW Passage stop in Kugluktuk (Coppermine) and look up Mathieu Dumond. He’s the Regional Manager for the Dept of Environment -Wildlife Division and former sailor (grew up on one). Good luck! Rob and Sophia

  6. Looking forward to hearing your next update when you are able. Safe travels!

  7. Thanks for sharing your interesting journey – and wonderful pictures!

  8. Good luck. Have a safe voyage.