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Last projects before departure from Unalaska, June 27—30, 2015


Our Japanese friends sailing

Our Japanese friends sailing

The day after our test sail was devoted to provisioning. We have a lot of non-perishable food left from last year, but we wanted to top up on a few things like hot chocolate, cereal, snacks, etc. etc. We also topped up all our diesel jugs, adding 50 gallons to our main tank’s capacity. We took with us our new friends from Japan, a nice couple with whom we’ve been sharing the dock for the last week or so.  (I’m writing this on June 30.) They sailed in a few days after our arrival, after a 27 day passage from a small island south of the main Japanese islands. They’re hoping to continue on to Kodiak and further east, so they were provisioning too. We’ve enjoyed spending time with them and sharing the coordinates of our favorite anchorages from sailing out here last year.

Sorting chartsThe 28th was another big day of projects. We fixed the problem with the autopilot by resetting the compass (because we’d moved it) and also by cleaning up the electrical connections in the cockpit with WD40. That seemed to fix things when we tried it on the dock, and our second sea trial on the next day confirmed it. We also sorted through our many charts. Our friends Chris and Jess Bray very nicely loaned us two big rolls of charts of the Arctic so we went through them all, picking out the ones we’re going to use in the near future and putting them in order of our route.

In the afternoon, I winched Seth up the mast to put back our VHF antenna, masthead tricolor light, and wind indicator that we’d taken off so that the eagles wouldn’t break them over the winter. He also installed a block to prevent the jib halyard from wrapping.

View from atop the mast

The next day, after several loads of laundry, we made our second sea trial, taking with us our friends Shawna and Mango and their daughter.  Everything went very smoothly and Shawna and her daughter seemed to enjoy their first sailboat ride!  Our autopilot works beautifully now; the jib halyard doesn’t wrap; and everything seems in order.

Everything stowed and ready to go!

Everything stowed and ready to go!

Today (June 30th), we’ve been doing some last minute provisioning (fresh food), settling up everything with the Port Office, and sadly saying goodbye to all the friends we have here: Daneen most especially as we’ve known her the longest (she returned a few days ago from sailing her own boat), but also Shawna and Mango, Josh who lives down the road, and a few other people we’ve met in the harbor.  On the one hand we’re sad to be leaving, but we’re also looking forward to exploring more of Alaska!

(Apologies for this being scheduled for so far after I’m writing it—our boat projects, etc. are our priority and the internet is pretty slow and difficult out here!)

9 thoughts on “Last projects before departure from Unalaska, June 27—30, 2015

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  2. Always so much work before a big trip. Wr’re nodding at your auto pilot issues as we are having our own – George is meandering widely! Let’s hope our sea trials are as good s yours!

  3. I’ve just heard that some other friends of mine on a yacht called Rhapsody have arrived in Unalaska from Japan. Perhaps you might bump in to them if you aren’t too far ahead! Steve & Kerrin. Say hi from me if you meet them!

    • Sounds like a great voyage that your friends are doing! Unfortunately we missed them, although we really enjoyed meeting the Japanese couple that had made the same passage. Maybe we’ll cross paths with Rhapsody in the future!