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Please vote for my photo in Sailing Today 2015 Awards!


ZiplineI’m super excited to have been nominated for Best Cruising Photograph in the Sailing Today magazine 2015 Awards!  I’d really appreciate your vote at http://www.sailingtoday.co.uk/awards2015/  You can vote anytime until August 23 and you get entered for a chance to win a sailing holiday in Greece.  My photos is “Laughing Lines” http://www.sailingtoday.co.uk/the-sailing-today-awards-2015-photo-of-the-year/ And if you’d like to pass this on, please do!!

Thanks so much!! Really appreciate your support!!

14 thoughts on “Please vote for my photo in Sailing Today 2015 Awards!

  1. Voted Good luck!

  2. Of course! Done – yours is the clear winner! Best of luck.

  3. YOU HAVE ALL MY VOTES, best of luck MR T

  4. Voted – yours is the best photo by far! all the best for the competition 🙂

  5. Ellen,

    Have gone to the web site and looked for place to vote, but not found the way. Can you give me some more instruction? Caroline

  6. Great photo and hope you win – Have voted!

  7. Great pic! That looks like fun. I have voted. 🙂