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Articles and photos update


HeritageIn a change of pace from blogs about Alaska, we have some recent articles and a photo gallery to share!  The April issue of Classic Boat magazine (just out!) has an article about cruising the Maine coast aboard a beautiful Herreshoff ketch we briefly owned called Nahma.  Sailing in Maine will have any classic boat lover salivating: on almost every tack you’ll see yet another historic wooden beauty.  To accompany the article Classic Boat has just uploaded a large photo gallery!  Check it out here!

Schooners under Nahma's lee

Other recent articles have had a bit more to do with Alaska.  Blue Water Sailing‘s January issue had a back page piece about Jade Harbor in Prince William Sound.  The article isn’t online, but here’s our blog post about Jade Harbor and the Columbia Glacier. Celeste with iceberg

More on the outfitting side, “Armor Belted“, the Ocean Voyaging feature in Ocean Navigator‘s Jan/Feb issue, discussed how Celeste‘s hull was reinforced for high latitude voyaging.

Also available online are a few earlier articles.  There’s “The Foundations of Good Seamanship” from Ocean Navigator;My Favorite Rig“, part of a series on Off Center Harbor (login required); and three oldies but goodies recently posted to Blue Water Sailing‘s new website: “The Other Higher Education” about life lessons learned while circumnavigating; a back page piece about “Montague Harbor” in British Columbia’s Gulf Islands; “Never without Bread” about baking on board without an oven; and “Favorite Cruising Destination“, which combined short contributions from several regular writers.

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Enjoyed “The Other Higher Education,” I’ll be picking up a copy of the book as soon as it’s out!