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Rolling with the punches (and the waves)


Zeal BlogFirst, a huge thanks to all our sponsors and supporters for their continued enthusiasm for our adventures this summer!  They were all super supportive of our decision not to rush things, and over-stress ourselves and the boat in the process, by heading for the Arctic after our delays and setbacks in June.  It turned out that our voyage through Alaskan waters was every bit the type of challenging and rewarding adventure we love, and we would have greatly regretted it had we missed the whales, bears, glaciers, waterfalls, exciting (sometimes too exciting!) sailing, and general wilderness that make the 49th state so unique!

We particularly wanted to share with everyone Ellen’s blog for ZEAL Optics that recounts, as ZEAL says, how “Murphy’s Law came into play” but also how another incredible journey was right there to be found!  The blog has some great pictures that we haven’t put on Gone Floatabout.  Hope you enjoy! http://blog.zealoptics.com/post/95097121642/rolling-with-the-punches-and-the-waves

(We’ll be back with more about Prince William Sound next post!)

2 thoughts on “Rolling with the punches (and the waves)

  1. You two are cute but that OTTER is the best!! Great post on Oct 5–thanks!! Babbie