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Some updates

Milford Sound

Milford Sound, New Zealand, New Year’s Eve 2007

Arctic preparations are well underway, part of why we haven’t posted to Gone Floatabout recently.  We’ve been organizing lists and lists of provisions and equipment and slowly marshaling it.  We’ve also been soliciting sponsorships for some of our wish-list gear!  The boat’s getting ready too, but more on that later 🙂

We have some updates to the site!  The circumnavigation pages are all up now: we left off last time with the Indian Ocean Crossing, so the recently added pages are Australia (everything from scuba diving to crocodiles to boat work), South Pacific (the jungle nations of Fiji and Vanuatu), New Zealand (sailing on the North Island, camping on the South Island, and lots more boat work!), Pacific Crossing (a month at sea, the critters of the Galapagos, and the beauty of Polynesia), Towards Panama (everything from the turquoise waters of the Bahamas to breaking down in the middle of the Panama Canal!), and East Coast (the steep learning curve at our departure!).

ON216 Cover March 2014We’ve also added a Contact page for anyone who’d like to sign Celeste‘s virtual log, and the Articles page has some news.  First, Celeste is on the cover of this month’s Ocean Navigator!  And inside the issue are two articles by Ellen, one relating the story of Glenn Wakefield, a man we met at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club who recently made his second attempt at a solo, nonstop circumnavigation.  The other is a refresher on basic coastal navigation skills using not much more than a pencil, a compass, and a pair of dividers.

Other fun articles out include a destination piece on Great Inagua Island, a forgotten Bahamian gem, in the March issue of SAIL and a ‘favorite anchorage’ piece on British Columbia’s Gulf Islands in the March issue of Blue Water Sailing.  That issue also has an article on the Northwest Passage which we found very interesting and informative.

That’s it for the site updates for now, but we’re hoping to post more about our preparations soon!



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